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Learn about our story and why we started Dilworth Functional Wellness. Our team members have a goal to help our clients reach their optimal health. If you have not been to our store, we invite you to stop by and see the difference.


Anytime you embark on a new journey, having an understanding of the steps required makes it easier to begin. So step 1, is to educate yourself on Functional and Integrative Medicine.  




Our wellness services are personalized to each patient. We take the time to get to know you, and what your health goals are. Each person's unique plan is designed to give them the tools they need to successfully attain optimal wellness. 




Shop our private label supplements and recommendations on our online store or register to use Wellevate, our Online Supplement Dispensary. 


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Susanne R.


Locally owned with great service. The pharmacists are always helpful and informative. Owner Josh is extremely knowledgeable and researches his products to be sure they meet his high standards. I know that if the items are good enough for him to stock, I don't need to worry about their quality. His approach of having a traditional pharmacy with a full wellness program blends beautifully.

Anthony A.


I stopped into Dilworth Drug & Wellness to grab a few essential vitamins my wife and I forgot when we departed on a cross country road trip. Connie helped me find everything we needed, and truly went above and beyond. I would recommend this place to anyone that wants a more personal experience while going to the pharmacy

Regina M.


Wellness brings it all together, in body and mind; my true life experience is that with the professional care and personal attention that Dilworth Drug & Wellness Center show me day in and day out, my quality of life is what it is today, GREAT. As a middle aged woman in the prime of life, enjoying a changing body and transforming environment, Josh has always cared for me. Rebecca in the compounding lab has saved my body and sanity on many an occasion. The entire Staff performs as a perfect Team of healthcare professionals with real heart.

Thank you ALL.

Charlotte, NC