The Beginning

Josh's Story


I like to be known as the pharmacist that dislikes drugs, and let me tell you why. After many years of dispensing medications to thousands of patients for many different chronic conditions, I began to see the same pattern, over and over again. My patients were not getting any better! Their symptoms were being managed (blood pressure controlled, cholesterol numbers going down, blood sugar at target), but their conditions for which they were taking these medications were not reversing or getting better.

In fact, over time, what usually happened was my patients would take more and more medications and get less and less healthy. I started searching for a better way. This is where I found Integrative and Functional Medicine. The Integrative/Functional approach to health looks for the root causes of illness and dysfunction and explores ways to treat those imbalances with the patient (not the practitioner) at the center of their care. I passionately believe this root caused, a patient-centered approach is the true meaning of real healthcare. This is why we do what we do at Dilworth Drug & Wellness.

Jamie's Story


From an early age, I had a focus on health, nutrition, and supporting other people. During my high school years I participated in cheerleading and dance which made me focus a lot on my nutrition. As with many others that participate in those activities, I experienced some adversity at a young age in the form of a minor eating disorder. Once I went to college, I was able to move past the stress of having to maintain a certain weight and enjoyed a fruitful college experience graduating in 2001 from Wingate University.


During my time in college, I found a passion for pharmacy and began working as a pharmacy technician at one of the chain pharmacies in Charlotte, NC. There I met my future husband, Josh, a pharmacist in the company.  Sharing our passion for pharmacy, Josh and I got married in July 2008 and one month later we opened our very own independent pharmacy together, Dilworth Drug. 


A few years in, the stresses of owning a small business began to catch up with me and I turned to the thing that I could always rely on to make me feel happy; food.  Then came the weight gain and more stress.  I knew I had to make a change. In 2010 I stumbled upon a book, Eating Animals by Jonathan Foer, that permanently changed the way I viewed food and my overall outlook on life.


After a two-week trial of vegetarianism, I realized I had discovered something unique and needed to know more. Over the years, my passion for healthy living grew, and so did our family (I now have two vibrantly healthy girls).  Knowing and living a healthy lifestyle was one thing, but I wanted to share my passion for health and wellness with others.  I decided to enroll into the Duke Integrative Medicine Health Coaching program and was blown away!  A bigger piece was still missing though.


I knew I wanted to intertwine functional medicine with pharmacy and nutrition, all while helping others take control of their lives in a healthy and sustainable way. My husband Josh, who was going through Functional Medicine certification and training, turned me on to the Functional Medicine Coaching Academy, and the rest is history.


My main objective is to help people understand why they are making health conscious decisions for themselves, while breaking down the barriers that have impeded their prior progress. Many people try a diet, but diets are short-term solutions. My plan is to help people make long-term lifestyle changes through science-based, factual guidance and accountability. The reason I chose functional health coaching is because I am able to have more of a mind/body connection with my clients and really be their partner helping them along their health journey. I tend to look at each client from a 30,000 foot view and see the bigger picture while making adjustments and recommendations along the way that are personalized for each individual based on their wants and needs.


I am extremely passionate about helping others make a transformational lifelong change, and would love to assist you in starting your journey as well.