Health Coaching

Start Your Health Journey...

Understanding where to begin your journey is the most difficult part when making a lifestyle change. Fear of failure creeps in and you don't know if you are ready to start. Our health coach is here to eliminate those fears.

Health coaching gives you a partner in your journey that helps you find a place to start, keep you accountable, and focus on building on positive momentum. Consistently checking in with a health coach will help you stay consistent and moving forward to making impactful lifestyle changes.


During your 45-minute initial meeting with our health coach you will:

  • Discuss your goals.

  • Understand the barriers that have held you back in the past.

  • Create a plan that will allow you to make positive lifestyle changes.

  • Review your personal schedule and accountability needs.

Partner with a Health Coach to Take Control of Your Health Journey.

Please be aware that this service requires forms to be completed prior to the meeting. You should receive an email within 24-48 business hours after booking an appointment with instructions on how to complete the necessary forms.