Nutrigenomic Test & Evaluation

Have you ever wondered what your genetic profile could tell you about your health?


the scientific study of the interaction of nutrition and genes

We use 23andMe® as our lab service in order to obtain your genetic data, since we cannot do this on our own. By doing this, we can use your raw genetic data to extrapolate information about your genes specifically related to nutrition and how you may need certain vitamins or minerals for certain biological processes to occur properly. 

Reviewing your genetic results with a healthcare provider can greatly enhance your test result experience, allowing you to have a one-on-one discussion and develop a greater understanding on how your genes affect you. This is where personalized care begins.

Beginning steps:

  1. Pay and Schedule your pick up time and Connie will go over the following instructions with you.

  2. Register your 23andMe® test kit given to you at your pick up time at

  3. An email will be sent to you during your pick up time for you to create an account through Pure Genomics .

  4. Once you have done these steps, you can send off your genetic sample to 23andMe®.

A genetic SNP, or Single Nucleotide  Polymorphism, is a variation of a particular gene sequence causing a disruption in which the genetic information is processed. This can alter the shape, size, functionality, or quantity of a particular protein that may serve important biological functions. A few SNPs also affect some nutritional biochemical processes that may need specific nutrition supplementation (See Figure 1 below). 

Figure 1. 
SNP image.JPG
Image sourced from PureGenomics®

Have your results arrived?

  1. Once you receive your 23andMe® results, download the step by step instruction PDF file located below, on how to upload your results to your PureGenomics® profile.

  2. Once you have successfully uploaded your results, we will contact you to schedule your consultation with Josh Rimany. 

*Please note that the cost of the test includes a 23andMe® test kit as well as a follow up consultation. We have limited on hand supplies of the test kits so in the scenario that we run out we will contact you to reschedule your pick up time when supplies arrive. Please also note that there is a $10 processing fee for us to upload your results for you. These tests are not intended to treat or diagnose. We are in no way affiliated or sponsored by 23andMe® or PureGenomics®.