Nutrition Assessment

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It is important to get credible nutrition information that pertains to you and your needs direct from a reliable human source, not just the internet milieu. Our Registered Dietetic Technician, Nutritionist on staff has a Bachelor's of Science degree in Nutrition from an A.C.E.N.D. accredited university, so that you don't have to go back to school to decipher reliable health information.  

The nutrition assessment begins with the gathering of important and relevant health information in order to determine a personalized approach to lifestyle intervention. The completion of a 24 Hour Recall (everything you have eaten in the past day) is the first step for the Nutritionist to get a glimpse into your nutritional habits. Next, a Body Composition Analysis on our InBody machine provides more information than standing on a scale and calculating your Body Mass Index combined. The InBody results sheet provides an extensive display of parameters that can be used to report the composition of muscle, fat, bone, and hydration status within the body.




After you have stepped on our InBody and obtained your body composition analysis, continuing the conversation with the Nutritionist can help you grasp the first steps in making healthier lifestyle changes without drastically disrupting your daily routines. This is where any questions or concerns are addressed. Lastly, a food guide with healthy food suggestions based on your estimated daily caloric needs and dietary preferences will be provided.

A nutrition assessment is beneficial for anyone:

  • confused by the constant influx of health and wellness information found online

  • struggling with weight loss

  • unsure about which supplements to take

  • struggling to maintain a consistent healthy lifestyle filled with a variety of healthy food choices

  • interested in learning more about reading nutrition labels or navigating the grocery store aisles

During your 30 minute Nutrition Assessment you should expect:

  • A 24 Hour Recall & Nutrition Assessment

  • Anthropometric Data Collection

  • Body Composition Analysis

  • An overview of Body Composition Analysis report
  • A personalized meal plan with food suggestions based on basal metabolic rate and estimated caloric needs

Please be aware that this service requires forms to be completed prior to the meeting. You should receive an email within 24-48 business hours after booking an appointment with instructions on how to complete the necessary forms. 

*The body composition analysis is not suitable for anyone with a pacemaker.