All Things CBD

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CBD Oil is one of the most controversial topics in the health and supplement world right now. It has been the source of many debates and you really just want to get to the bottom of it.

Good news for you, we have done the research.

No more listening to the kid behind the counter at the vitamin store, or reading countless articles written by internet "gurus."

Learn the truths about CBD oil from a certified functional pharmacist and have all of your questions answered.

- Is CBD oil illegal?

- What makes CBD different than marijuana?

- Can CBD oil help my dog?

- Why are different CBD oils more expensive?

- How to choose the right CBD oil.

- CBD and anxiety

- CBD and pain.

- And a whole lot more.

If you have been considering trying CBD Oil for your ailments, we suggest setting up a consultation to make sure it will be effective, get the proper dosage, and proper type for your needs.

Schedule a time to talk to our pharmacists by clicking HERE.

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