Are Community Pharmacies a Dying Breed?

You walk into a pharmacy. No one greets you at the door as you walk in. You spot the pharmacy section in the back of the store and begin to make your way to the counter. You walk up and wait to be helped.

Minutes go by.

You're already late to pick up the kids, you don't have anything ready for dinner, it's raining, and you are getting text messages from work about an emergency.

Finally, someone comes to the counter and says "name..."

You give them your name, and they pull out your prescription.

"That will be $37.42"

You swipe you card, take the receipt, and leave.

What an unpleasant transaction to add to your already hectic life.

Unfortunately, we hear that story too often from clients about their experience at their previous pharmacy. They tell us about how no one knew their name, or knew the medications they were taking, or tried to find the root cause of their problems, or sometimes they never even smiled at them.

This is why we believe the community pharmacy will never die.

A community pharmacy will take the time to help optimize their patients prescriptions so they aren't taking too high of a dosage, or aren't taking two prescriptions that are working against each other.

A community pharmacy will call their patients to make sure they are taking their prescriptions correctly and feeling better.

A community pharmacy will develop new programs to help their patients live a better life and try to lower their dosage rather than continue to take more and more pills.

At Dilworth Drug and Wellness we want to make sure you are getting the best treatment that you can possibly get, and you are seeing the results that you were expecting to get.

The first step is to find out what your Health Readiness Score is. Click the HERE to find out if you are in need of a little more love from one of our pharmacists.

Live Better, Stay Well

Dilworth Drug and Wellness- YOUR Community Pharmacy.

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