Coronavirus Tips and Tricks

The coronavirus, or the disease COVID-19, has quickly become a major health threat to our world, country, community, and to our families. In fact, COVID-19 is now a global pandemic, according to the World Health Organization. With a 3% fatality rate, I can certainly understand why people are in a state of fear and for some, panic. If you have been by the store lately, you may have noticed our staff recommending immune support to all of our patients, in light of the coronavirus problem. Our mission at Dilworth Drug & Wellness for 2020 is to build a wellness community, being a resource for the community, not just for sickness, but for true wellness. We can only do this if we give you solutions beyond the pill , or in this case, solutions you may not know even existed. We are doing this by focusing on the BEST evidence based immune support for our patients.

In light of the current concerns and severity, these conversations are no longer optional and need to be mandatory in order to do our part in providing our patients the very best support and confidence to get through these trying times.

This is exactly what we can do to create a wellness community!

Here is a breakdown of the solutions. Ideally, doing all of these is best, as they all have benefit, and are complementary and synergistic to an overall immune modulation and support.


SBI protect (or IGG) 4 caps once daily or 1 scoop daily plus

DD&WC brand probiotic multi max 2 caps daily (Vinco makes our Dilworth brand)

- Safe for kids at half dose.

- Can mix all in a smoothie for the whole family (this is what my family does)

- SBI ideal as IGG protect contains dairy, but IF cost is a concern use IGG

THE SCIENCE : Here is a Study of patients with flu vaccine+colostrum, no intervention, colostrum:

Last line from the abstract: “ In conclusion, the administration of immunomodulators is very cost effective and appears to be more effective than vaccination to prevent flu.”

When I hear Coronavirus, I think virus. Basically, this study shows that taking immunomodulators like SBI or IGG Protect, plus a probiotic multistrain like DD&WC probiotic multimax) is A SOLUTION to protect the body against a virus. Supporting the body in this manner, stacks the odds in the event someone is exposed to coronavirus, since there is no vaccine…..yet*.


WholeMune 1 cap daily until the threat is gone.


This is a great short video on the mechanism of our equivalent Ortho Molecular product

Wholemune. PRIMING the body for an attack is a defensive approach without activating the immune response. I’ve used Wholemune for years as a great way to stay healthy during cough & cold seasons, especially with 2 small kiddos in the family bringing all sorts of “interesting” things home to share with mommy and daddy:)

For those that are over 60 or have autoimmune conditions , this is also the perfect time to PRIME the immune system with beta-glucans (Wholemune). Coronavirus is especially

deadly to those with immune challenges. If you are having conversations with those kinds of people, please recommend they talk to us about Wholemune. Beta-glucans take time for systemic priming, so ideally, someone would start them 3 months prior to the traditional time of “catching something.” So in the case of the coronavirus, we are behind the ball, so now is the time.


Immune support mushrooms by HOST DEFENSE

Plus good old Vitamin D . I use 5000 IU daily in liposomal form (absorbs better)

Medicinal mushrooms have been used for thousands of years to help support and modulate the immune system. Here are some bullet points on why I am recommending this particular mushroom product:

● Daily overall immune support *

● Promotes respiratory, digestive, circulatory, cellular, lymphatic and systemic functions for foundational immunity .*

● Stamets 7® can increase Natural Killer Cells by more than 300%*

● Enhances natural blood-sugar modulation *

● Supports the body in adapting to physical, mental, and environmental stress factors*

***Bonus solution*** for kiddos (and adults) ImuMax or local Elderberry syrup, which we also have at the store.

Defense IS the approach during this time where people are concerned. Keep in mind Viracid, which we recommend when someone contracts a viral infection like cold or flu, only works when there is active virus infection, so not ideal for defense and immune support when no active infection is present. Having the conversations with our patients on the difference is key.

Buyer beware! If you shop on the internet for 3rd party resellers or Amazon for these

recommendations, there is a great possibility you will not be getting the actual product you think you are getting. The internet is full of counterfeit and dangerous supplements! Read here if you don’t believe me. I’ve done the research, vetted products, and secured sourcing that guarantees quality and delivers outcomes*. All I ask, and have always asked, is that you let a trained medical professional help guide you in making informed, confident decisions about you and your families health and wellbeing. I want to thank you for trusting me with your health and wellness.

Lastly, while none these solutions are “FDA approved” treatments for coronavirus (I am making no claims here), in my opinion, it is definitely better than doing only what the CDC is recommending , which is eating fruits and veggies, washing your hands, covering your mouth when you sneeze, and staying home if you are sick, older than 60, or immunocompromised. CDC guidelines are all common sense actionable things, but I just felt you all deserve more. These solutions are based on real science, and just make good sense to me in these times of uncertainty.

I will be doing a podcast asap, blast emails, facebook/ instagram posts, and signage at the point of sale and monument sign this week, all to remind and educate on this important topic. We will be stocking our recommendations, adding secondary vendors if needed, to ensure supply. We also have the ability to add patients to our new online supplement dispensary to be able to order these products online, through us, direct from our professional grade supplement distributor, Emerson Ecologics. This ensures you get what we recommend, safe and effective products, for you and your family. If you are interested in our invite only online supplement dispensary please email the wellness dept at or call 704-910-4288, we will be happy to set you up.

I always end my conversations with patients, family and friends with two words. Those words are more important than ever, amidst this health crisis. Those two words are….

Stay well,

Josh Rimany Rph, FACA, IFMCP

Click here to access our online supplement dispensary.

Here’s a link to my Podcast Your Functional Rx in case you like this kind of stuff

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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