Finding The Perfect Diet For You.

What if you could pinpoint the perfect nutrition and ‪exercise plan that was based on your individual ‪genetics? Well, good news, we can! Through nutrigenetics (examines how your body responds to nutrients based on your genetics) and nutrigenomics (studies

how nutrients affect your body’s expression of your genes) we are able to find which nutrition, supplement, and exercise program will be the most effective for you based on your DNA.

The overall goal of nutrigenetics is to be able to develop an individual nutrition plan to

help you achieve and maintain your best health possible. When applied correctly, information related to nutrigenetics and nutrigenomics can even help prevent, treat, or even reverse some chronic conditions.

Most thorough diet and nutrition plans begin by calculating the daily caloric needs of an individual and applying the RDA (recommended daily allowances) of important nutrients to the diet plan through foods and supplements. While this approach is better than most, there is an inherent flaw that nutrigenetics and nutrigenomics accounts for:  personalized needs and individual response.

RDAs were developed to be applied to the general population as a whole. They don’t take into account the specific needs or responses of genetic subgroups. The importance of inherited and acquired genetic response in optimizing one’s health cannot be overemphasized.

Your genes can determine how sensitive you are to salt, if you are lactose intolerant, how likely you are to become vitamin D deficient, how well you tolerate caffeine, and even how efficient your body is at repairing injuries. 

Nutrigenetics can explain why two individuals of similar age, stature, and activity levels will react differently to the same diet. Should you be consuming more or less saturated fat? Will a low-carb diet actually benefit you? What supplements should you be taking? Which supplements do you need to function properly? These are all questions that the information hidden in your DNA can help to solve.

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