How To Choose The Right Multi Vitamin For You

We have all heard that you need to take a multi vitamin, but have you ever been explained why? Or have you even been told how to find the right multi vitamin for you?

Most people need to take a multi vitamin because they aren't getting enough nutrients from the food we eat...and that's not a knock on you.

Over the years, the increase of processed foods has really put a hindrance on nutrient absorption. And even if you are getting trying to eat healthy unprocessed fruits and veggies, the soil has changed and you aren't getting the amount of nutrients from foods like our ancestors did.

This is where a multi vitamin comes in. Think of it as a nice little octane boost for your car.

Now you don't want to put in a low quality octane boost, or on that won't be absorbed. We want to make sure the minerals, which are rocks, are going to be easily absorbed by our bodies so that our bodies can use them.

We suggest using specifically a men's or women's multi vitamin that has activated vitamins in them so that as soon as you swallow them they are working with your body.

If you'd like to purchase our vetted, and tested Men's or Women's multi vitamin, please stop by our store.

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