How to take less pills, but still get healthier.

For many years the “pill for an ill” approach has been prescribed by many doctors. High blood pressure? Take this pill. Mood swings? Take this other pill. Can’t sleep at night? We’ve got a pill for that. After a few doctor’s visits, you now have to scarf down 15 or more pills a day! And unfortunately, as you get older, it only gets worse.

At Dilworth Drug & Wellness Center, we really like looking at data to optimize our clients prescriptions and performance. We were amazed to see that some prescriptions customers received worked against another prescription they already had. Other prescriptions were incompatible with the customers’ DNA and virtually ineffective. This made us really look into how we can optimize every prescription assigned to every customer on an individualized basis.  Over time, the "typical" pharmacy patient takes more and more medications, and would feel less and less healthy.

Our functional approach to pharmacy flips the “pill for an ill” idea upside-down and figures out the root cause behind the problem. Since everyone has a different biochemistry we like to figure out ways to make your prescription work better for you, specifically. We have the ability to test and evaluate how your body is absorbing certain nutrients or medications at full capacity. We have nutritionists and health coaches that can evaluate your lifestyle habits to help make recommendations to your behaviors.

With this functional approach and optimization of medications, our clients are able to take less pills and feel better quicker knowing that every prescription can be ensured to give the biggest impact on their health. Instead of just picking up your prescription and hoping for the best, functional pharmacies will help evaluate your medications and optimize them to help give you the best results.

I have a firm belief that ALL people have the right to be vibrantly healthy.  We all deserve the chance to achieve that.  We are here to help co-create that pathway with you.

Live Better, Stay Well.

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