Q&A | Allergy Season and National Nutrition Month

In Episode #2 of Your Functional Rx Podcast Josh fields some Q&A from his friend.

They go into detail about how to prevent allergies in the upcoming allergy season and what to do if you get allergies and need to "stop the drip." Josh recommends a product "D-Hist" to help your body's immunity to start preparing for whatever allergies you may get during the harsh North Carolina allergy season.

Also, with March being National Nutrition Month, they dive into how nutrition can affect your energy levels, weight loss and mood. Josh gives recommendations of how to track your progress (not just the number on a scale) and he also gives you his dietary recommendation to help your body reset and get back to a good balance.

The discussion turns towards the end and Josh shows his true passion about being a functional pharmacy and why Dilworth Drug and Wellness is so unique with offering many services outside of writing prescriptions.

Sit back, listen, and we hope you enjoy this episode of Your Functional Rx podcast.

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Need a little more nutrition love?

Since March is National Nutrition Month, we wanted to give you more opportunities to take control of your nutrition and get back to living a vibrant life.

First off, if you need a jump-start to do on your own, our Clean 14 program is completely free and guides you through a 2-week transition of eating cleaner just as Josh describes in the podcast.

Begin the Clean 14 HERE.

If you need a little more guidance and someone in your corner to help you through a nutritional change, we have a nutritionist on staff that can help work with you on a more individualized and personal level.

The best way to get started would be to get an in-depth body composition analysis as well as a nutrition consultation where you will receive recommendations on how to improve your body composition.

Schedule your analysis and nutritional consultation HERE.

Live Better, Stay Well.

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