Where has Josh been for the past year?

Over the past year, it may have seemed like Josh has stepped back from the store. While that is partially true, it couldn't also be further from the truth.

Yes, it's true that you may not see his face around Dilworth Drug and Wellness as much. He hasn't filled as many prescriptions, and he hasn't been there at all hours of the day to talk to everyone about their symptoms.

But, it's not because he hasn't been working.

It has actually been the contrary.

He's been working twice as hard behind the scenes.

Josh has doubled down on his research because he wants to be able to help more people. He wasn't satisfied with the service that the pharmaceutical industry had for he clients.

Josh has been developing a new way to practice pharmacy for the last 10 years, but really started pushing the envelope this past year.

Josh has been studying functional pharmacy to be able to better serve his clients. He wants to take them from sickness to wellness. He wants them to understand their prescriptions aren't solving their problems. He wants to give his clients the best solution for their problems, because his patients deserve the best.

Josh has been developing new ways and strategies to help take his clients away from consuming more prescriptions and more into living a vibrantly healthy life.

If you'd like to schedule a time to talk to Josh about functional pharmacy, go to: https://bit.ly/2PgAMPK

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