Who knew tapping into your genetics could be so easy, and cheap?

Here are just a few things you can know about you and your health with a simple saliva test......and an evaluation from someone trained in nutritional genomics of course:)

1. Methylation: These functions maintain cardiovascular health, detoxification, neuroprotection, cognition, emotional wellness and cellular protection. Up to 50% of all people have a low functioning methylation genes.

2. Vitamin/mineral production & utilization: Its not just IF you consume or supplement a vitamin/mineral that makes it good for you, it's HOW you use it or make it that matters. This test shows how you utilize Vitamins like, Vit C, D, A, and zinc.

3. Detoxification: How you detoxify chemicals, pollutants, heavy metals, hormones, etc. is dependent on your genetics.

4. Cognitive health and memory: Your genes also play a roll in how you synthesize and metabolize (break down) neurotransmitters and other substances that affect your mood, sleep, stress and memory.

5 Weight management: Are you more prone to weight gain if you eat a high fat (even healthy fat) diet? Are you prone to obesity based on your genes?

6. Immune: Unexplained aches and pains? What if you are more prone to inflammation just simply by your genetic make up?

With one simple, easy & inexpensive test, you now have the ability to dig deep into your genetic make up and add a valuable tool and insight into your health and balanced well-being. Having this information and having an expert explain it, can be a most valuable tool in becoming vibrantly healthy, and maintaining that health for years to come.

For more info, go to: https://puregenomics.com

As a bonus, since we use 23 & me for our genetic lab, you get your ancestry included in the test!

**this test does not diagnose, treat, or predict disease or health related issues. At the patient's request, we can send a copy of this test and our evaluation to a medical provider of your choice.**

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